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The Sandbox Foundation is accepting applications for 2022 Scholarships, between January 1st and March 1st. Applicants are required to complete a “Common Application Form” and must submit a short essay describing 1) What inspires them, 2) How they would apply Judea/Christian principles in their education or career, and 3) Describe the value of Work and/or Service.

The student’s high school transcript should be attached to the application form and submitted through their counseling office or via email to While the high school transcript is not a requirement, it is highly recommended by most advisors.

The foundation awarded Thirty-Six grants in it’s first six years and prides itself on finding Inspired, Hardworking, Principled recipients. Past grants have gone to graduates from Romeo, Dakota, Armada, De’Lasalle, L’anse Creuse North, and Utica school districts. Applications are accepted from all high schools. Some preference given to graduates in Macomb County.

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