“The Sandbox” is a private residence of Rock & Cheryl Kuchenmeister located near Sand Point, Michigan.  Like their parents, Rock & Cheryl married young and raised a family using Judea/Christian principles as their guiding light.  Rock & Cheryl (also like Wayne and Faye) enjoy traveling to tropical islands, but they prefer visiting the beaches of the Caribbean more often, than traveling to Wayne and Faye’s favorite, the islands of Hawaii.

Rock & Cheryl’s first date began at the local Lake St. Clair Metro Beach .  After raising a family and many years of marriage the couple “continues to date” by visiting the beaches of Hilton Head Island and various Caribbean Islands “South of Cuba” whenever possible.

Hilton Head Kiss

Blessed with the opportunity to create a lasting legacy for Wayne and Faye, the couple knew immediately that creating a foundation to support educational grants for graduating high school seniors was the most appropriate option.  They named the foundation after their favorite family beach location, The Sandbox.