Applications for Annual Grants, Awards or Scholarships should be submitted via email to the foundation at  Applications from Romeo High School students may submitted in person to their counseling office, who will forward the application directly to the foundation.


Each application must include the following.

  • A one or two page “Submission Paper” addressing the following three topics.
    • Describe what inspires you.
    • How would you apply Judea/Christian principles in your education or career?
    • Describe the value of work and/or service.

“Submission Papers” may be typed or handwritten and can be formatted as an Essay or as a Letter to the review panel.

Each application should contain a total of three or four pages, including the two pages of the “Common Application Form” and a one or two page “Submission Paper”. All three/four pages of the applicant’s submission should be enclosed in a single document attachment of an email submission, either in PDF format or MS-Word.

Applications are collected between January 1st and March 1st of each year.  Applications are then be forwarded to the review panel, who determines the annual awards/grants.  Recipients are selected and notified in April and May.  Winners of Sandbox Foundation awards will receive their monetary grant once they have submit a copy of their registration papers for pending education to the foundation.


Email applications to: