Wayne & Faye

Wayne Frederick and Barbara Faye Kuchenmeister met in 1954 and married on February 12, 1955.  They raised three children (Cheryl, Rock and Randall), living their entire adult lives in the Mount Clemens, Michigan vicinity.

Wayne & Faye Wedding (2)

Wayne and Faye began a traditional American family, facing all of the basic struggles of their generation.  They pursued the “American Dream” throughout their lives, embracing Christianity as their guiding light.

On achieving many benefits inspired in the “American Dream”, Wayne and Faye shared their Time, Wealth and Service with family, friends, their community and often random persons who were in need.

Perhaps the most public sharing of their blessings from God was granting the initial funding for the Mount Clemens Gazebo (with Wayne’s brother and business partner Norman Kuchenmeister and his wife Doris).

Gazebo (Wayne and Norm)

Gazebo Revealed

Wayne and Faye celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary shortly before Wayne’s death on March 5, 2010.  Faye survived an additional five years, passing on July 21, 2015.  They are buried together in Clinton Grove Cemetery, with a headstone inscription of “Love Never Ends”.

Portraits, Mom & Dad (3)

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Blessed by the Grace of God, Wayne and Faye’s favorite travel destination was the islands of Hawaii.  They were members of the Nomads Travel Club, from the 1970s until the organization dissolved.  The photo below was taken on their last trip to the islands, with the Nomads.