RHS Honors Night 2016

Rock has the honor of presenting three scholarships during the 2016 RHS Honors Night, held on May 17th in the high school auditorium.  Ms. Serena Salsido is presented with the Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship, as Rock describes a theme of “Whatever you’ve done.  Whatever you’re about to do.  The Kuchenmeister family is placing a financial bet on you.”  The Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship was first awarded in 1999 during the RHS Honors Night held that year.

RHS Honors Night 2016, Serena Salsido

Ms. Alexis Kearney receives the first ever “Inspiration Scholarship” awarded by the Sandbox Foundation.  Serena and Alexis wait for the final presentation, as Rock suggests to the honorees in attendance “that they pursue the completion of their college degree, a bit more quickly than his mother Barbara Faye had”. 

RHS Honors Night 2016, Serena and Alexis

Perhaps inspired, the crowd waits for the final scholarship award… the “Barbara Faye Scholarship“, also presented to a clearly surprised Ms. Alexis Kearney.

RHS Honors Night 2016, Alexis Kearney (2nd award)