Foundation Awards 2nd Continuing Scholarship for 2017

Adam Frost (Apr 2017)

Now in its second year, the foundation raises the bar by awarding a second “Continuing Scholarship” in 2017 to Adam Frost.  Adam was the first recipient of the Wayne Scholarship during the inaugural year of the foundation.  The following message was received from Adam by the advisors.

“I am finishing up my freshman year at Grand Valley State University and loving the college experience and the amazing resources that are available.  In the fall I will begin working towards my business degree at the Seidman College of Business at GVSU.   Receiving the Continuing Scholarship from the Sandbox Foundation means so much since it is helping me to continue on this path.  Thank you for this opportunity! “

Foundation Announces its First Grant of 2017

The Sandbox Foundation is pleased to award a Continuing Scholarship to Maream Nori for 2017.  Maream is receiving one of two Continuing Scholarships that will awarded by the foundation this year.  Maream was a recipient of the same grant in 2016 and continues her education by attending Oakland University.

Maream Nori, Picture Zoom

The foundation received the following message from Maream: “My plans for this summer is take a couple of classes and to study for the MCAT so that I would be able to apply to medical school next year.  I am very thankful for this scholarship because it will enable me to pay for my summer classes without working extra hours, and that would give me more time to prepare for the MCAT.”

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Now is the time (2017)

Rock  is interviewed by Rob Stone for local T.V. station CW50.  The interview aired on CW50’s “Street Beat” program Saturday, January 10, 2017.  The bottom line “Now is the Time” to apply for Sandbox Foundation Scholarships.


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Sandbox Foundation completes first year.

The Sandbox Foundation completed it’s first year by awarding a second “Continuing Scholarship” for 2016.  The second recipient was Jacob Boyd.  Jacob used his grant towards funding fall semester classes at Walsh College.  Jacob was also a recipient of the Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship in 2011.  Jacob has been working towards a degree to support a career as a Marketing Coordinator or Financial Analyst.

Jacob Boyd

Continuing Scholarships are granted to students who have completed their first year of studies and have already received either a Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship of one of three annual Sandbox Foundation Scholarship.  Preference is given to winners from the past five years.  Applications for the Continuing Scholarship are accepted between January 1st and March 1st of each year.  Applications are available on the Sandbox Foundation Website.

RHS Honors Night 2016

Rock has the honor of presenting three scholarships during the 2016 RHS Honors Night, held on May 17th in the high school auditorium.  Ms. Serena Salsido is presented with the Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship, as Rock describes a theme of “Whatever you’ve done.  Whatever you’re about to do.  The Kuchenmeister family is placing a financial bet on you.”  The Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship was first awarded in 1999 during the RHS Honors Night held that year.

RHS Honors Night 2016, Serena Salsido

Ms. Alexis Kearney receives the first ever “Inspiration Scholarship” awarded by the Sandbox Foundation.  Serena and Alexis wait for the final presentation, as Rock suggests to the honorees in attendance “that they pursue the completion of their college degree, a bit more quickly than his mother Barbara Faye had”. 

RHS Honors Night 2016, Serena and Alexis

Perhaps inspired, the crowd waits for the final scholarship award… the “Barbara Faye Scholarship“, also presented to a clearly surprised Ms. Alexis Kearney.

RHS Honors Night 2016, Alexis Kearney (2nd award)

Inaugural Wine n Deep Fry

The Sandbox Foundation held its inaugural fundraising event on Saturday, April 16th.  The fundraiser was a “Wine and Deep Fry Party”, with guests donating two bottles of wine.  The first bottle was uncorked and served during the party and the second was sold in a silent auction.

Wine n Deep Fry 2016

A variety of deep fried foods including Turkey, Shrimp, Cauliflower, Mushrooms and some unusual fried treats like; Twinkies, White Castle Burgers, Oreo’s and Snicker Bars lead guests on a tasting tour.

Foundation advisors presented their first two Scholarships to: Adam Frost (Wayne Scholarship) and Maream Nori (Continuing Scholarship) during the event.  A second 2016 Continuing Scholarship will be awarded to Jacob Boyd, who could not be present.  Two more scholarships (Inspiration and Barbara Faye) have been selected for 2016 and will be announced during the Romeo High School Honors Night, scheduled for May 17th.

Sandbox Foundation prepares for Inaugural Event

Advisor/Source newspaper reports on the foundation’s preparation for it’s inaugural fundraising event to be held on April 16th.  The event will be a “Wine and Deep Fry Party”, where guests are asked to donate two bottles of wine.  The first bottle to be served and the second will be sold at auction.  Guest will be served a variety of unusual deep fried food samples.  Desert will include a selection of chocolate fondue delicacies.

Click here to read more about the event in the Advisor/Source news article.Advisor-Source Announcement

Foundation advisors, Rock and Cheryl Kuchenmeister, along with Pastor Jeff Draeger (Our Redeemer Lutheran Church) will announce three recipients of the foundation’s annual grants during the party.  Two additional grants will be awarded during the annual RHS Honors night, scheduled for May 17th.  The foundation was formed in late 2015 and had intended to award four grants each year.  After reviewing this year’s submissions, the advisors elected to grant a fifth scholarship in its inaugural year

Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship

The Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship is awarded annually to a Romeo High School (RHS) senior pursuing further education.  The grant was first awarded in 1999 and continues to this day.  Applications for the Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship must be submitted through the RHS Counseling office.

The grant is funded by local residents Rock & Cheryl Kuchenmeister and is administered by the RHS Scholarship Fund of the RHS Counseling office, using predefined selection criteria of the family.

Though not specifically linked to the Sandbox Foundation, all of the most recent five recipients of the Kuchenmeister Family Scholarship are also eligible to apply for the Sandbox Foundation Continuing Scholarship, upon completing one semester of supplemental education.

The past five recipients were:

2016 Serena Salsido
2017 Jacob Mullin
2018 Natalia Mladenovik
2019 Kayla Owens
2020 Andrew Selewski